(N)Migoto’s is a family driven cattery located just South of Oslo city center (Ljan). The cattery was started in 2006 when our first pure bred NFO cat SC (N) Lindbrekka’s Steffi from Vigdis and Lars Nordvik arrived at our house.


We live in a large house with a big garden, including a large secure cat-run for the cats.


We are 4 family members still living in the house (2 children has moved out) and we are social and active family with an active social life.


Our kittens are well-known for their social and excellent temper – making them perfect for both breeders, exhibitors and families looking for the perfect pet. Our kittens regularly meet children of different ages.



Contact Info


Homepage: www.migotos.com

Email: eva_dahl_eide@hotmail.com

Mobile: +47 976 89 786

Phone: +47 22 61 21 84

Address: Madame Maren Juelsvei 1, 1168 OSLO