Our breeding cats

A short presentation of our cats (both host cats and cats living with us), click on their names for further information.




SC (N)Migoto’s Simba, JW, DSM, DVM NFO n 09 24


S*Dalkullans Dobber Man NFO d 24


S*Just Catnap’s O’Sullivan NFO d 03 24





SC S*Zygot’s Maranji NFO f 02 62


SW’10 SC (N)Migoto’s Johanne, JW, DSM, DVM NFO f 24


SC (N)Migoto’s Martine, DVM NFO n 09 22


SC S*Just Catnap’s Warm Cotton, JW, DVM NFO ns 01 21 61


NW SW’12 SC (N)Migoto’s Othelia, JW, DSM, DVM NFO g 09 24


SC (N)Migoto’s Sarah, DVM NFO f 03 22


GIC (N)Migoto’s Tomine, JW, DVM NFO w 64


SC (N)Migoto’s Teoline, DVM NFO n


IC IT*Norr Venn’s Whichita, JW NFO f 09 22


IC S*Viento’s Tequila Rose, JW NFO f 09 22


GIC (N)Migoto’s Viola NFO a 22


GIC DK*Europa’s Mynthe IS, JW NFO n 22


GIC (N)Migoto’s Ålida NFO ns 02 64


IC (N)Migoto’s Wilde NFO n 09


(N)Migoto’s Elsa NFO d 09 24


(N)Migoto’s Charlotte NFO f 09 22


S*Zygot’s Merry NFO f 24


(N)Migoto’s Georgine NFO n 09 22